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Marie Neige

Holistic therapy and expanding my practice of self-care met me at a crossroads when I had already experienced several ‘lives’. The culmination of half of my professional life spent immersed in the music and entertainment industry had left me spiritually depleted, exhausted and separated from the joy and beauty I once saw in the world. I had addictions, trauma and grief to face and these messengers would put me on the path of deepening my awareness, my strength, embracing my fears and solitude and taking on the arduous journey of reconnecting with something much deeper that had at times felt lost to me entirely.


Massage therapy was my initiation into a much more sanguine way of life. In 2011, I discovered I could channel the artistic energy I had once directed into music and performing into healing using an osteopathic approach, I rediscovered the love of touch and the symbiosis of healing through that medium and this propelled me to take the steps to obtain my license as a massage therapist with Massage Therapy Adam.

In the process of studying various traditional techniques, I was intensely drawn to the art of ancestral healing through elder teachings and medicinal knowledge. I threw myself heart and soul into gathering these ancient systems and their wisdom deeply into myself. My next initiation appeared in the form of Ayurveda; now I had found my calling! My quest to master the art of this ancient practice and system was profound and true. I studied with the Quebec Ayurveda Academy  and joined the Espace Ayurvéda  team from 2016 until the end of 2019 where I had the privilege of taking care of hundreds of clients and the honour of teaching Ayurvedic treatments, I was realizing my dreams at each step of the way.

During these years, I had the immense privilege to be guided into deeper spiritual and holistic knowledge through the teachings of my mentor, Donna Maria Camps (Sacred tree traditions). I experienced, first hand, the mechanisms of emotions on the body-mind and soul. She exposed me to native and ancestral wisdom that would change the way I integrated myself in the world and we dissected many concepts from societal conditioning to lineage trauma memories.

These teachings were followed by neo-shamanistic studies (Espace de ressourcement des Racines et Des Ailes with Julie Marchand)  and 3 years of bio-cosmo-energy in Canada and Mexico. All of these experiences and undertakings interweaved to create the basis of my own offerings to our world. I was compelled to develop my own treatment: The Synergetic Treatment. A holistic, meditative, body:mind:heart experience that encompasses all that was transmitted to me throughout this pilgrimage and discipline, my own true spiritual awakening, traversing depths, growth and rebirth a multitude of times to arrive now, humble and awake to all that we have yet to discover.



I have a great appetite for learning and soaking in all this ancient (and new) wisdom, but nothing has been as powerful than sitting with myself and connecting to my true source. Meditation is like infusing tea. The more you sit with it, the highest the concentration becomes.


YOU become YOU!

Having a daily meditation practice is instrumental in deepening and embodying all aspects of my life and work. It brings me peace, it’s a wonderful key to self-love and, let’s face it, it’s a great skill to have when a  global pandemic hits 

I’m proud to add to my experiences my Davidji Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher certification. I’ve been so inspired by this teacher training. It has expanded my heart to a whole new level.

  • I offer a personalized program to help you get started on your own meditation journey. I love working with beginners, so please feel free to contact me so we can assess your needs and find a gentle way to get you started. 

  • You would like me to visit your office to give your staff a well deserve mental pause ? I have the tools to bring the vibe back in the office, de-stress and help improve productivity.

  • Would you like to collaborate and create a project with me ? I’m all in, just send me an email so we can get started right away!

  • You are organizing a retreat and would like to add a meditation experience to it ? Let’s figure out the best approach (scientific, ayurvedic, esoteric…The sky has no limits!)

I feel humbled and privileged to be able to accompany you in your search for well-being and my treatments and classes are intended as journeys to the center of your own universe, your own incarnation. You will learn more about yourself and I promise you will find a little more calm and openness.

Hope to meet you soon !

“My passion is the study and application of ancient wisdom and healing techniques, those that remind us that humans are part of nature, that they are responsible for themselves and the beings around them. My experience reminds me every day how precious life is and it is through massage, meditation and taking care that I shall accompany you.”

* SNMQ member

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